A new electrical cabinet for the CIAT of Les Restos du Coeur

In 2021, we were asked for the donation of an electrical cabinet to power the greenhouse of the CIAT (Chantier d’Insertion Angers-Trélazé).

We approved because it allowed us to help an association whose work is more than necessary, but also because this project made us use our electrical skills.

What is the CIAT ?

The CIAT (Work Integration Program of Angers-Trélazé) is run by les Restos du Cœur de Maine-et-Loire to help marginalized and vulnerable groups get away from their precarious situations. On site, there are two technical supervisors, a socio-professional supervisor, and volunteers to help people (from 10 to 20) find their way to work.

They have a contract with the CIAT for two years to gain confidence and get used to a work pace. Thanks to the CIAT, they can learn new knowledge and skills, but also pass their safe-driving aptitude certificate.

On this Work Integration Program, people do horticultural and gardening activities. Moreover, there are 5 acres of land and 5000 m2 of greenhouses where people can prepare plants for future sales. There are succulents, aromatic plants, or tomatoes that will be sold to companies and individuals during their open days.

What is the goal of KOHLER Power Control & Distribution electrical cabinet ?

This cabinet has a variety of goals :

  • It powers the opening and closing of the greenhouse.
  • It controls the automatic watering system in the greenhouse and garden (including the garden used by volunteers to supply the donation locations of Les Restos du Coeur in fresh produce).
  • It powers the opening and closing of the panes of the greenhouse. 
  • It makes sure everyone can work in the safest work conditions.

We also provided some switches to make sure the heating system under the cuttings complied with standards.

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