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KOHLER Power Control & Distribution package solutions

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution can offer an integration of our products into package solutions such as skids, containers or shelters.

These solutions guarantee several assets :

  • Mobility : They can easily be transported from one place to another.
  • Safety : They are protected from harsh weather and intrusions.
  • Cost effectiveness : They can be mass-produced, which will reduce costs.

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution is an expert in original manufacturer switchboards and switchgears, as well as AC/DC power conversion. We can and have already used package solutions in these two domains of expertise, for data centers or clean energy for example.

Protection against harsh weather and intrusions for optimum efficiency

A team of experts to integrate our products efficiently.

Solution standardization for an easier building logistics

Our products integration

Our products integration into skids, shelters or containers means complete, turnkey and customized solutions. We will be here to guide you choose the best integration option for your project.

Equipment that may be integrated are, among others :

  • HV substation
  • HT/BT transformer
  • Original manufacturer PCC/MCC
  • AC / DC converter
  • Rectifier

Our solutions


Skids are metallic structures where equipment are integrated. They are usually used for light and mobile solutions.


Shelters are enclosed metallic structures that protect equipment from harsh weather. They are often used for heavier solutions that need more protection.


Sea containers are used to transport and install complex power solutions. They are mainly used for large-scale products or for maximum protection.

Package solutions

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