ESG : Believing in better

We believe that social, economic, and environmental issues are very important to protect the planet and promote health and well-being.

Quality, Safety, Environment

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution is committed to excellence and sustainability. ISO 9001 certified, our company constantly tries to reduce its global footprint while offering top-quality solutions and services.

We implemented various initiatives to guarantee an efficient environmental management with the KEMS standard (inspired by ISO 14001), and safety management with KSMS standard (inspired by ISO 45001). This allows us to respect quality, safety and environment standards while maintaining cutting-edge technology.

Moreover, eco-design is a priority at KOHLER Power Control & Distribution. We have been taking part in various programs for many years to design environmentally-friendly products.

Professional equality

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution is committed to professional equality and equity. We thus implement and promote professional equality actions on a daily basis.

Believing in Better

Stewardship actions that are available in our company allow our passionate team of associates to volunteer their time and talents to create a better planet, better communities, and better lives.

These actions are very important at KOHLER Power Control & Distribution and invite us to follow the Believing in Better principle. We believe that a better world is possible.

ESG Report

KOHLER is committed to social responsability transparency, engagement and communication. This is part of our Believing in Better principles. We will continue to build on our alignement with established ESG standards to make sure that our activities are sustainable and responsible.

At KOHLER, these commitments are really important because we believe that they will have long-lasting effect and help leave the world a better place. We are a company that cares about protecting the planet and addressing issues affecting communities.