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Solutions to protect your energy

A long-time relationship

KOHLER Power Systems EMEA (SDMO Industries) and KOHLER Power Control & Distribution have been partners for more than 40 years.

From SOREEL creation, control command cabinets have been supplied to control generating sets. When we joined the same group in 1985, this synergy strengthened and we can now provide global KOHLER offers.

Reliable and continuous power supply

Generating sets power control aims at securing your power supply.

A reliable, continuous and flexible energy is necessary in critical applications (hospitals, transportation, industry, events, data center, etc).

Our teams of experts can help you securing critical sites through generating sets. At KOHLER Power Control & Distribution, the skills developed for the APM802 in software, hardware, automation and embedded solutions led us to the design of the SCI and SRI products.

An offer dedicated to KOHLER generating sets

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution offers a wide range of products for generating sets:

  • Switchgear up to 6300 A
  • Verso 200 automatic transfer switch
  • Consol
  • Embedded cabinet
  • Separated panel
  • APM802

Qualitative and complete global offers

Thanks to our synergy with KOHLER, and more specifically KOHLER Power Systems EMEA, we can provide global offers including power back-up, control, and distribution.

These offers will guarantee an harmonization of products on your plants, as well as sales and contractual conditions.

Long-lasting solutions

With KOHLER Services, we are committed to sustainable and long-lasting solutions.

We can set up your consols, embedded cabinets or other equipment to upgrade your plant. Our automation technicians and engineers can set it up during commissioning or during a retrofit.

Designing the APM 802

The APM802 is a real tool that helps control your generating sets. It was designed by KOHLER Power Control & Distribution in 2014.

It is now considered as flagship equipment for power control and back-up.

Embedded software development started in 1990 at KOHLER Power Control & Distribution (Kerys, MICS Process, MICS Commander) and our team of experts always updates our solutions and designs new products.

Projects across the globe

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution solutions with KOHLER generating sets can be found around the world to provide reliable and safe power supply.

Global KOHLER offer

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