Data Center : our industrial approach

Our important means of production and design department will go along with your budget and schedule in the EMEA region

The importance of data centers

In order to meet the new needs for securing computer data, and to deal with strategic risks that may arise from climatic disorders, internal faults or cyber-terrorism, the use of secure data hosting centers is becoming more and more frequent.

Data centers offer businesses, telecom operators and the financial community high-performance technical solutions that meet all of their customers’ security, power supply and connectivity issues. They must be able to provide a stable physical environment. Therefore, data centers may not experience any interruption of the power supply, including during site maintenance.

The atlant’IS switchboard meets all those needs.

Complete reliability

atlant’IS switchboards and switchgears provide a robust protection against power failure. You will thus avoid costly downtime and losing data.

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Complete reliability

The atlant’IS manufacturer switchboard will grant you access to a lifetime warranty on the tightening of the busbars and the connection to high current circuit breakers. The quality of atlant’IS mechanical design is acknowledged by all : columns, busbars or functional units.

The atlant’IS switchboards have benefited from strict and extensive procedures in order to be qualified with Schneider and ABB products.

We pay close attention to the long-term power control and distribution safety.

Energy efficiency

In a world focused on sustainability, atlant’IS switchboards and SCI communication systems play a major role in optimizing energy use. As a result, they reduce your environmental impact.

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Energy efficiency

SCI products allow you to monitor and control the electrical equipment on your switchboard : circuit breaker, power switches, etc. You can have access locally or remotely to detect and correct malfunctions, optimize your equipment or reduce energy waste.

In the atlant’IS switchboard, you can access :

  • Signaling
  • Measures – Metering
  • Control-command
  • Load shedding – Offloading
  • Sources management
  • Temperature control
  • Power control
  • Events history

Electrical safety

Our atlant’IS original manufacturer switchboard meets the highest requirements to ensure the safety of people and properties. This is our priority.

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Electrical safety

Data centers evolution cannot be slowed down by a switchboard. That’s why our atlant’IS switchboard allows free evolution when powering while ensuring the safety of people and properties.

This type of intervention must be done by a qualified technician to comply with safety standards. Thanks to that, adding circuits, changing circuit breaker ratings, testing or making thermographic inspections can be carried out safely.

Atlant’IS switchboard main technical informations are :

  • Protection degree : IP 31 up to IP 54
  • Protection against mechanical impact: IK 10
  • Withdrawable and removable units ≤ 630 A : WWW, WWD, WFD, FFF
  • Form of separation complying with CEI 61439: Form 2 to 4b
  • Complementary English forms complying with EIEMA: Form 4 Type 1 to Type 7


Improve your power distribution capacities by adding columns and functional units without any service disruption.

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With an ever-increasing demand for data, the atlant’IS switchboard with its columns and withdrawable or removable units are designed to adapt and evolve with the changing needs of data centers.

It is thus possible to add different elements to your switchboard in order to adapt it the power supply that is required.

Industrial quality

Our switchboards and switchgears are designed to withstand the most demanding environments. They thus ensure durable performance.

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Industrial quality

Atlant’IS switchboards are manufactured in modern plants and comply with strict quality standards.

They are designed to last and comply with the most stringent safety standards.

  • Components are selected depending on their performance and durability
  • Manufacturing process is thought carefully to guarantee optimum precision and repetitiveness
  • Products are always rigorously tested before shipping

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution industrial quality guarantees safety and reliability for its users.

Ecodesign for sustainable data centers

For many years, we’ve been implementing an ecodesign approach in the making of our products and solutions. We often take part in trainings about this.

This approach will allow you to control and distribute power in your data center while reducing your environmental impact and enjoying economic competitivity.

Electrical architecture

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution can provide all the main electrical distribution equipment of a data center:

  • Switchboard with or without a transformer
  • Hiqh quality switchboard
  • TGO
  • Power Distribution Unit
  • Inverter

Projects troughout Europe

Our sales team can look into your data center projects in France and Europe.

Our customer services can also supervise the handling and fitting of our equipment, its splinting, and commissionning. We come for curative and preventive maintenance too.

We also have a network of partners in Europe that is trained to our products and able to come within tight deadlines.

Our capacities

With our two industrial plants in France, we can manufacture a great number of switchboards and switchgears in a short period of time.

Our design department with its 50 technicians and engineers and our manufacturing capacities will ensure the success of your projects.


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