Our design department and innovation

Our design department

True asset of KOHLER Power Control & Distribution (lien présentation générale EN), our Design Department is made of more than 50 passionate and commited technicians and engineers. KOHLER Power Control & Distribution stands out thanks to the importance and diversity of its design department skills. They allow us to help and guide our customers in the making of projects with a high added value.

The skills and expertise that can be found in our Design Department are requested and used from the pre-project phase to guarantee customized, sustainable, reliable and competitive products and solutions.

Our Design Department is made of four technical entities :

  • Electrotechnical studies and power electronics
  • Mechanical studies
  • Embedded software
  • Automation (lien page automatisme EN)

Customized products for a high efficiency complying with your needs

Technical teams that are experts in power control and distribution

Resilient and eco-designed solutions for sustainable products

Our tools

Regular and sizable investments are made to offer the latest softwares and IT equipment to our team :

  • Electrotechnical design : See Electrical, Caneco
  • Mechanical design : SolidWorks
  • Model-based design : Matlab Simulink
  • CFD Simulation : Flo EFD
  • Calculation of mechanical structures : SolidWorks
  • Embedded software: Linux, Gitlab, Codesonar, Visual Studio
  • Automation : Schneider, PC Vue, Siemens, Panorama

Our missions

Our design department :

  • Carries out the electrotechnical and mechanical design of our equipment
  • Develops control command automation (lien page automatisme) and completes services missions (lien service clients) (commissionning, training, …)
  • Develops electrotechnical products (original manufacturer atlant’IS switchgear (lien page atlant’IS), so’rail railway equipment (lien page so’rail), …)
  • Develops control command and measurement electronical products (APM, SCI (lien partie SCI de la page atlant’IS), SRI (lien partie SRI de la page so’rail), …)
  • Qualifies our products in laboratories

The diversity of projects we are working on, as well as the development of our products led to a real expertise in the following subjects :

  • High power equipment design (CEI 61439)
  • Control command for power control and distribution
  • AC/DC conversion and distribution, especially for railway systems and clean energy
  • Electrical power calculation and measurement
  • Safety and operational application (CEI 61508, EN 50128)
  • Cyber security (CEI 62443)


In order to position our company as original manufacturer of electrical equipment, KOHLER Power Control & Distribution (lien présentation générale) and KOHLER Co. consider innovation as an important part of their strategy. KOHLER Co. is actually recognized as one of the Fast Company’s « Best Workplace for Innovators 2023 », which demonstrates the importance of innovation in our group.

To align with information coming from our business leaders, innovation tackles the following subjects :

  • The creation of products and services corresponding to our strategic markets (lien page nos marches EN)
  • Securing the manufacturing of our products through the design and manufacturing of subassemblies
  • Conquering new markets through innovative and distinguishable solutions

5% of our Net Sales is annually allocated to KOHLER Power Control & Distribution innovation process. KOHLER Co. helps in those processes for very significant projects.

Our patents

All KOHLER Power Control & Distribution products are subject to innovation programs : electrotechnical, AC/DC power conversion, mechanical, control command.

This culture of innovation is inscribed in our team and operation DNA. It allows us to satisfy the most complex requirements of our customers.

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution annually applies for various national and international patents, which demonstrates the importance of innovation for us.