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Standard Production Solutions

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution is the ideal partner for manufacturing industries who want to externalize their electrical cabinets and control command production.

Thanks to our expertise, we offer a wide range of solutions.

Our qualified engineers and technicians will guide you through your projects, from the tiniest to the most complex cabinet.

Take advantage of our expertise and experience to boost your productivity, quality and competitiveness.

Our skills

Conception cycle :

  • Design and conception in co-design to respect costs
    • Modelling, 3D conception validation
    • Calculation / simulation : thermal, vibration, etc.
    • Test types : ICC, IP, Corrosion, etc.
  • Cabinet prototyping
    • Specific parts prototyping with 3D impression
    • Design and production of customized electronic cards

Scalability cycle :

  • Industrialization : range of products and associated tests
  • Logistic flow and storage implementation
  • Pre-serie
  • Integration of the process in the MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Production cycle :

  • Lean production management via the MES
  • Quality and traceability management via the MES

Our tools

Our electrical and mechanical CAD tools allow us to simulate and see in 3D how your electrical equipment will be integrated to your machine or functional unit. It helps reducing and securing the design cycle, as well as optimizing your equipment. Once designed, we can prototype specific parts thanks to our 3D printer. All these tools are connected to our machines and to our MES. It reduces and optimizes the production cycle and secures range of products updates.

Our two plants in Cholet and Dagneux have an MES used as an implementation, management and manufacturing tracking system. It monitors machines and operators with a full traceability of real-time manufacturing that customers can follow. Our two plants also have production machinery to meet your needs quickly and efficiently.

Standard production solutions

To learn more about our standard production solutions, feel free to contact us.