Control command and automation

Automation at KOHLER Power Control & Distribution

Discover our team of automation experts at KOHLER Power Control & Distribution !

Thanks to a strong 20-year experience, our specialized technicians and engineers are willing to address your most complex challenges in the field of power control and distribution.

We are also pioneers in creating control command systems for railway traction, energy storage and smart building management.

You can easily trust our expertise in innovative and reliable electrical solutions.

Specific projects, Pre-sales support, Development process, programming, simulators

Multi-brand skills : Schneider, Siemens, Rockwell, PC Vue, etc. SIL2 & SIL3, Cybersecurity expertise in CEI 62443 products and systems

Commissioning in France and abroad, Evolution of pre-existing facilities, Training

Our missions

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution covers all the steps of an automation project completion :

  • Architectures and equipment definition
  • Creation of the documentation : functional analysis, test procedure, grafcet and flowcharts, operating manual
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and HMI (Human Machine Interface development
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) using simulation tools (hardware and/or software)
  • SAT (System Acceptance Test) with commissioning in France and abroad
  • Training of users

We can also provide retrofits or site upgrades to improve their performance, replace obsolete devices or integrate new safe communication systems.

Automation skills

Our expertise in communication networks and PLC systems allows us to guide our customers towards reliable and safe architectures that keep costs manageable.

According to your specification, we can create architectures with reliable redundant networks that respect cybersecurity rules depending on your site sensitivity.

PLC programming

Our experts are obviously masters in the programming of PLC created at KOHLER Power Control & Distribution : APM802 for generating sets, SCI500 for atlant’IS switchboards and SRI for railway line traction.

We are also experts in PLCs from other renowned suppliers: Schneider M221, M340 and M580, Siemens S7-1200/1500, Wago PFC 100/200…

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution (SOREEL SAS) is licensed and has the expertise to manage the programming tools of these PLCs.

Human-machine interface

Our team can develop Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI). They can either do it with regular screens (from Schneider, Proface, Siemens, etc) or on our own touchscreens (i.e: IHM APM 24’’).

We can also complete supervision developments (SCADA): Building Management, Electrical Management, monitoring process, railway substation management…

Our associates are annually trained to the newest versions of Panorama (Codra) and PcVue (Arc Info). We own the development licences for these two softwares.

Safety Integrated Level

At KOHLER Power Control & Distribution, safety and reliability are key. We are proud of our expertise up to SIL3 in compliance with CEI 61508 standard.

 Our team has access to the equipment and is perfectly trained to implement safety PLCs that comply with the rigorous standards for electrical and electronic systems.

Furthermore, we have a strong experience in project management complying with the railway CEI50126 / CEI50128 / CEI50129 safety sub-standards.

We are your trusted partner for safe and effective solutions.


Cybersecurity is a major challenge to secure our vital interests (electricity, nuclear, health, etc) against malicious attacks.

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution has the expertise to identify vulnerabilities and secure your automation systems.

Our engineers know CEI62443 standards and complete cybersecurity studies to provide the correct safety measures.

Our partnerships

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution is a Schneider Electric and PcVue certified partner. As a result, we can develop, integrate and support these two parners solutions.

Control Command and automation

To learn more about our control command and automation solutions, feel free to contact us.