Quality – Safety – Environment

Act everyday to reduce our global footprint.

Our company

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution is ISO 9001 certified and has implemented actions to reach various goals:

  • 2022 Net Sales : € 51 millions
  • + 25% growth in 3 years
  • + 20% growth in 10 years
  • More than 90% of our products are French-manufactured and 99% are manufactured in Europe
  • Capital Investment of more than € 3 million in the last 5 years

Moreover, being part of KOHLER Co. fosters and encourages our responsible approach thanks to KOHLER’s strong and consistent commitments.


KOHLER Power Control & Distribution chose to develop a quality policy in 1990. This policy is measurable and placed under the control of a third party. To satisfy company customers, the industrial means are checked regularly.

ISO 9001 international standard is our reference. Our two plants – Cholet and Dagneux – are both ISO 9001 certified.

This involves all staff in a continuous effort in order to improve processes, products and services.

Our ISO 9001-based approach ensures that our high-risk activities are under control.


Our company owns a temperature-rise lab called FAHRENHEIT 10000. This lab is associated with an ISO 17025 management system which is certified by the COFRAC.

Our lab allows us to test the quality and conformity of our products and solutions through temperature-rise, electrical and mechanical operation tests on low-voltage equipment with alternative or direct current.

This equipment can also be rented to companies who want to perform tests on their equipment.


Gimélec, a professional trade union, is the alliance of the electrical equipment, control-command and services industries.

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution (SOREEL SAS) is one of the creators of the A13 Division, bringing together designers and manufacturers of electrical equipment for distribution and control command.

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution is an active member of workshops targeting the continuous improvement of the GIMELEC.


KOHLER Power Control & Distribution is committed to the safety of people and properties with KOHLER.

Our health and safety at work management system is based on the KSMS standards (KOHLER Safety Management System) and is inspired from the ISO 45001 regulation.

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution decided to consider safety with no compromise. One of our goals is the reduction of accidents with the Zero is possible campaign. Our process aims at continuously improving the safety of people and manufacturing tools through two programs: Hand protection and Safety tour.


KOHLER Power Control & Distribution is actively involved in various programs to reduce our global footprint. This is part of our « Believing in Better » motto which always leads us to make the world a better place.

As a result, our standard is the KOHLER KEMS (KOHLER Environmental Management System), which is inspired from the ISO 14001 regulation.

We recycle more than 85% of our waste, and we use low-powering lighting to reduce our power consumption. Our goal is to reach net-zero waste to landfill before 2035.


Our sustainability rating is evaluated by ECOVADIS.

In 2023, our company was rated as « SILVER » by this platform with a grade of 59/100.

Our purchasing commitment

We have chosen to comply with a proximity purchasing policy.

As a result, 90% of our suppliers are located in France, and 99% are located in Europe. Our mechanical parts are manufactured less than 100km away from our plant, and our electronic products (SCI, SRI, APM802) are designed and assembled in France.

We are also committed to eco-design approaches for all our products and solutions.

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