Our values

What is fundamental for us

Become More

A career at Kohler is more than a job. It’s an invitation to create and innovate. To inspire and be inspired. To imagine greater possibilities – for yourself and for the world.

Our key beliefs

Every day, we keep our five key beliefs in mind:

  • Delight customers
  • Inspire people
  • Boldly innovate
  • Own it
  • Prioritize

Our management values

Joining our company means discovering a rich history and strong management values that allow us to offer innovative and quality solutions to our customers.

Respect in a spirit of fairness

Respect is a core value of our company. It is highly important for us to work in a place where decisions are fair and where rules of coexistence are respected.

Discussions and debates that respect people and ideas are thus promoted.

Be driven by the desire to succeed

One thing that unites us all at KOHLER is audacity. As a result, being bold and up for challenges is very important.

We must agree to lose with dignity and elegance when it happens, or to win without arrogance.

Cooperate for the general interest of the company

Teamwork, collaboration, and cooperation are important values in our company. We are used to working together for the company to offer solutions and services that delight our customers.

Act in accordance with our commitment

At KOHLER, we consider that it’s necessary to live up to your commitment. This means acting with courage, doing what we say, being energetic and taking initiatives.

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