Kohler Power Control & Distribution

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Our identity

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution, which is located in Cholet, has been growing for the past 40 years to become a power control and distribution specialist.

The company can be found where energy is critical and must be protected : hospitals, water treatment, transportation, airports, data center, offshore wind power, marine, or critical sites such as the Eiffel Tower.

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution is made of 250 associates who are dedicated to energy transformation and electrification for a resislient and carbon-free energy.

Our means

KOHLER Power Control & Distribution has a large and complete design department (electrotechnical studies and power electronics, mechanical studies, embedded software, automation) to help and guide you in the making of projects, from the pre-project phase.

Our two plants in Cholet and Dagneux have important means of production to go along with your schedule:

  • 140 associates for wire fitting (Learn more through our video)
  • Mechanical workshop : 4000 copper or aluminum busbars created each month
  • Sheet metal punching machine
  • Wire preparation machine : 30000 wires created each month
  • Label printing machine
  • 3D Printer
  • 2 tons and 10 tons indoor cranes

A team of 12 technicians is also dedicated to tests to ensure the quality of our finished products. (Learn more through our video)

Cholet plant

Head office and main plant

  • 225 associates
  • More than 50 technicians and engineers in our Design department
  • 5500 production hours a week
  • 9000 m² of production

Dagneux plant


  • 25 associates
  • 550 production hours a week
  • 2200 m² of production

Our offer

CEI 61439 Original manufacturer for power control and distribution, our team is ready to help you with your projects. 

We offer several product ranges that were designed by our team of technical experts : atlant’IS for up to 6500A switchboards, So’Rail for energy conversion and Gen’SET for power production control command.

Our company can also guide you with automation, maintenance and retrofit or temperature-rise tests thanks to our Fahrenheit 10000 laboratory.


The main objective of the quality policy of our company is continuous improvement through the participation of all.

Both of our plants in Cholet and Dagneux are ISO 9001 certified and follow the rules and requirements of this international standard to offer high quality solutions to our customers.


For many years, we’ve been implementing an ecodesign approach in the making of our products and solutions. We often take part in trainings about this.

This approach will allow you to control and distribute your energy while reducing your environmental impact and enjoying economic competitivity.

A stronger electrical industry

We work with UIMM and GIMELEC to make the electrical industry stronger.

To achieve that, it is important to invest in plant and equipment retrofit as well as new production capacity to satisfy new needs.

As a result, we promote and value technical branches to attract every generation in this industrial renaissance and to build the future of industry.

Our commitment

KOHLER is committed to creating a better planet, better lives and better communities. To do that, we take part in actions to help local charities, and we design innovative solutions that allow our customers to take a step in that direction with us.

Are you interested by our company? If so, feel free to check our job offers or to contact us directly.