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KOHLER is a company where you will find enthusiastic men and women. Scroll down and you’ll be able to discover our jobs thanks to the testimony of our associates. They will be able to explain their tasks better than anyone, as well as what motivates them to become more.

If you are interested by one of the positions available and that you’d like to apply, please fill one of our offers HERE (lien page nos offres d’emploi). You can also contact us HERE.

Wire Fitter (M/F)

Pitshou, Alexandra and Jonathan talk about the job of wire fitter and how you can get trained to become it.

From receiving the technical file to shipping our products, wire fitters prepare the integration of various components into our switchboards and cabinets. Then, they put those electrical elements and wire them. They make sure that our products fit our quality and safety standards to satisfy our customers.

R&D Engineers (M/F)

David and Olivier explain what an R&D engineer does at KOHLER Power Control & Distribution. They also mention their studies and how to get trained for this job.

From marketing to the development of our electronic solutions, our R&D engineers follow the complete life cycle of our products.

Hardware and software technical specifications, development, qualifications, optimizations, adding new functionalities, our engineers are here to ensure the quality and efficiency of our products.

Test technicians (M/F)

Mathieu and Denis talk about the job of test technicians and how you can become it.

Our test technicians are called once our equipments are finished. They test the equipment to check how they work, their quality, and their compliance to standards and norms. They also perform tests during FATs with our customers to demonstrate the conformity, performance and quality of our products.

Sales officers (M/F)

Tristan talks about his job as a sales officer and how he managed to reach this position.

Our sales officers prepare our quotations depending on our customer’s requirements and technical specificities. They make sure to fully respect this data to fully satisfy our customers.