ESG Report

Act everyday to reduce our global footprint

Believing in Better – Our commitment

KOHLER is committed to social responsability transparency, engagement and consistent. This is part of our Believing in Better principles. We will continue to build on our alignement with established ESG standards to make sure that our activities are sustainable and responsible.

At KOHLER, these commitments are really important because we believe that they will have long-lasting effect and help leave the world a better place. We are a company that cares about protecting the planet and addressing issues affecting communities.

Discover what we do, why we do it, and how it’s making a difference.

ESG Report

KOHLER is committed to transparency, engagement and consistent communication of our Believing in Better initiatives. We will continue to build on our alignment with established ESG standards.

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Les actions à KOHLER Power Control & Distribution

  • Implementation of LED-lighting in our plants
  • ECOPROM program: DFE (design for environment)
  • Stewardship action with clean-up of a beach (lien journée verte)