Le SCI500 is based on the instrumentation of electrical or divisional panels. The sensors installed make it possible to acquire the states, electrical measurements, couting, temperature...

This instrumentation is simplified by the use of communicating sensors (Ethernet, RS485). .


Operating function

  • Graphical view of the installation and tables
  • Animated Unifiliar
  • Maintenance support and fault diagnosis
  • Simplify configuration of hardware, sensors and functional units

Mastery of energy

  • Centralized display of electrical measurements
  • Monitoring of sources / departures
  • Consumption monitoring (curves, histograms)
  • Energy balance by period (month, quarter, year...)
  • Load sheeding and re-charging on external order or according to a generator

Traceability and fault management

  • Event management on all tables
  • Alarm/ fault history
  • Customization and event creation based on operational constraints
  • Export by USB key

Ladder programming from the GUI

Accessibility of information

  • Ethernet / RS485 communication with a GTC
  • Remote HMI Server (VNC)
  • Communication with tablet in wifi

PLUS Product strenghts

  • Complete management of an electrical installation, up to 10 electrical panels.
  • Robust HMI for centralized information presentation to facilitate operation and maintenance.
  • Clear and ergonomic design 
  • A 100% open product, no business license.
  • One access point to the entire installation for a BMS.
  • Facilitated communication with the GTC through the use of unified exchange tables.
  • Possible suppression of LEDs, buttons or remote displays at the functional unit level, simplifying wiring.


New in 2017

Thanks to our application, our customers will be able to follow the status of their electrical installation in real time. They can simply consult:

  • Current events (faults, alarms)
  • The state of TGBTs and functional units
  • Electrical consumption at the functional unit level

Application available on :

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