APM 802

Initially developed for its SDMO customer, the specific control products of the APM 802 range of generators now benefit from more than 25 years of capitalized know-how.

The latest of these products is the APM 802, one of the best performing products in its market.

APM 802 offers:

  • optimization of the ergonomics (screen)
  • a communicating aspect with Ethernet and Internet integration
  • a more modular architecture that is more in line with the needs of standard applications
  • new technologies implemented

On the Male Machine Interface Plan :

  • Color touch screen
  • Embedded website

In terms of communication :

  • Ethernet and internet protocols (http / ftp)
  • CAN bus and engine protocols (CanOpen / SAEJ1939)
  • Serial link (MODBUS / Print / ... )
  • Definition of network infrastructure

On the industrial IT front:

  • Implementation of a real-time operating system

The APM 802 allows an evolution of each module independently and its use is very user-friendly.