An alternative to the "static" building (ex: concrete room) is to integrate the whole electrical equipment (ex: sub-station) in a shelter or container.

This plug and Play unit is completely tested in factory and delivered on site “ready to connect”.

The SHELTER is designed to answer environmental constraints of installation on site:

  • Held with wind, snow, temperature, hygroscopy
  • Specific casing on request for landscape integration
  • Modularity adapted to the access conditions (width lanes, mode of transport).

SOREEL is able to offer in its product range So'Rail,  solutions of compact et pre-assembled units for the power supply of DC railway traction.

This Plug and Play units is completely tetsed in factory and delivered on site "Ready to connect". 

POWER BLOCK modularity ables electrical equipment assembly according to railway distribution types (substation T, TT) 

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