Quality and continuous improvement


SOREEL chose in 1990 to develop a quality policy which is measured and placed under the control of a third party. To satisfy the customers of the company the industrial means are checked regularly. 

The requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 is the reference.

This involves all staff in a continuous effort to progress in order to improve the control of the processes, products and services that are entrusted to us by our clients.

The organization of SOREEL is designed for this purpose; thus, cutomers work with one person, the project manager on their file, from the order to the commissioning of their equipments.

The main objective of the quality policy in the company's overall strategy is continuous improvement through the participation of all.

Essential to achieve the goals sets by management, the policy is based on:

  • An analysis of current and future expectations of the electrical equipments market
  • A data collection
  • The positionning of the company

Controled by the management team, the effectiveness is evaluated priodically.


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